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Virtual Tour Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the advantage of your HTML5 based virtual tours?
A: HTML5 is currently the most widely used browser language on all computer and mobile platforms. Therefore, our virtual tours will run on all apple computers, Ipads, and Iphones as well as PC's, and Droid devices. Furthermore, our virtual tours use the latest and most efficient HTML5 technologies to ensure a smooth, fast loading, quality experience guaranteed.

Q: Will your virtual tours run on an IPad, Iphones, and Droid devices?
A: Yes, our virtual tours will work on all platforms. Our sophisticated interface even checks the screen size of your device and displays the proper resolution for the fastest load times.

Q: How do I book a virtual tour?
A: E-mail, or Call us. We will be happy to answer any questions or schedule a virtual tour. Our contact info can be found on our Contact Us page.

Q: How soon can you schedule my virtual tour to be photographed?
A: To guarantee the best pricing and to avoid any additional travel expenses, we require a signed quote and a 30% deposit 3 weeks before the scheduled photo-shoot.

Q: How much do your virtual tours cost?
A: Please visit our virtual tour service and pricing page. We offer many extra options and features as well. We are confident we offer a great value for the highest quality virtual tours.

Q: I have decided to purchase a virtual tour. Please explain how the process works.
A: After discussing your needs, you will receive a proposal that includes costs and outlines the project requirements. Once that is agreed upon, we then schedule a date to come out to your location and shoot your virtual tour. After your virtual tour is shot, we start the development and production process. You will receive a link where your virtual tour can be looked over for approval. As soon as your virtual tour is finalized and approved, it will then be added to your website.

Q: What is needed to prepare the facility for the photo-shoot?
A: The facility should be tidy and clean as you would want it to look for any guest or inspector. All preparations should be completed prior to your scheduled appointment date. Keep in mind that these are 360° panoramas so everything will be visible.

More often than not, shooting people within the 360° virtual tour is unavoidable. However, we find many industries prefer people within the images because it adds life and character to the virtual tour (for example a receptionist helping answer a customer's questions, or guests enjoying a nice meal and conversation, etc). Any consent or release forms that may be required are the responsibility of our client. Furthermore, staging people to pose in the photo-shoot is a great way to ensure predictable, good looking "action shots" within your virtual tour.

Q: How long does it take for the virtual tour to be photographed?
A: Each 360° panorama can be shot in a matter of minutes. However, if any staging or preparation of the scene is required, this can take longer. In most cases, we will recommend scheduling each scene at 20-30 minute intervals depending on the situation.

Q: How soon will my virtual tour be completed after the photo-shoot?
A: Because every project is different in size and complexity, some projects take longer than others. However, assuming our clients are quickly responsive to feedback and approvals, we often experience turnaround times of less than two weeks from the photo-shoot.

Q: Do you offer virtual tour services outside the continental US?
A: Yes, our services extend world-wide. If necessary, we will factor in extra travel expenses into our price quote so there are no hidden costs.

Q: Can I add extra options after the virtual tour is completed?
A: Certainly, we backup all our previous projects and have no problem updating your virtual tour or adding more options from our virtual tour service and pricing page. If your facility has been renovated or added new construction since the previous photo-shoot, new photographs will have to be taken on location. In this case, please contact us for a travel quote.

Q: How will the virtual tour files be delivered to my server?
A: That is up to you and/or your IT department. We can email the files with instructions to be uploaded to your server or we can upload the files directly to your servers if given the required credentials for FTP.

Q: Can you host my virtual tour on your website?
A: Most of our clients prefer to host their virtual tour themselves; however, we do host a handful of virtual tours on our servers and have plenty of space and bandwidth to host more.

Q: What are hotspots used for?
A: Hotspots are a clickable button within a 360° panoramic view that can be used to show a still photograph, move to another 360° view, show text, or even play audio or video files. Hotspots are a great way to convey further information about an item within your 360° panoramic view. Check out this hotspot virtual tour example.

Q: Is it possible to do a 360° view of a small area?
A: Yes, we have produced great looking 360° views of small areas such as a small conference room, the interior of a yacht, and even the interior of a car. Another option may be to add a hotspot to a nearby larger area's 360° view and featuring the smaller room with a still image. Check out this hotspot virtual tour example.

Q: Do I need to download or buy any special software?
A: No, the software needed to operate the virtual tour is standard on most modern internet enabled computers.